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SkinRx you are a life saver. I feel so much better about my husbands blackhead problem. He never cared, but I did. The Glycolic Peel has really changed his skin. He looks younger too. I would like to know if I can use it too. I have normal skin with a little aging going on.

Camilla Seaford


I have to admit, and say so myself...your microdermabrasion peel kit does work. My scars, and discolorations form acne are fading ALOT. My family even noticed last weekend when I saw them. Actually, my skin is all over a bit lighter, (I am African American) which I like. I live in Orlando and get too dark from the sun. Now my face matches all of the rest of me. I am really happy. I look much better. My new job, (banking) is competitive, and I really want to look good, and healthy. (I am a male). So, again. Thanks for a great, and inexpensive Kit/Skin Care Peel.

Conrad W.
Orlando, Fl


Love that Microdermabrasion Peel1 It is so much better than the one I used prior. It had perfume and waxes etc... Yours leave my oily skin feeling like a smooth, hydrated, firm looking face. I love the way my make-up looks so much better. And my pores. A true miracle. Many thanks. Awesome delivery service btw.

F. Rasmussen


Gracias, thank you, and everything else. My acne has never been so "under control". I look and feel fabulous. Thank you for Acne 911. I love the stuff. My son is going to get a set for college dorm. He tried it only once, but thought it would make a difference.

C Sryck


Yes thank you for your prompt response. I love your products and I"m very happy with your customer service.



I would just like to say that I have never found a product that was worked for my face until this. I dont understand why you guys don"t do infomercials for this product. It seriously would take proactive out of business. Ive used the glycolic acid twice and literally don"t have a pimple after five years of persistent crap on my face. I really wish you could let the masses find this product because it does wonders, Thanks so much



SkinRxClinic you have my loyalty. My sons (15) face is looking so much better from using the Medicated Acne Wash and Pore Toner and Spot Treatment. He will look great for his homecoming dance in October. He is thrilled. You have made a difference...We thank you.

C. Davis